Eric Hurtgen

Art & Design

I was born in Louisville, Kentucky but I haven't lived there since I was 14. I'm an artist and designer available for hire. As an artist I've shown mostly in smaller galleries across the United States and North America.

contact: eric.hurtgen(at)

Other Spaces
New Rural
New Geographic

Selected Clients
AirBNB, Atlantic Records, Bright Antenna Records, Columbia Records, Eater NY, EMI, Ghostly Records, Leadercast, Lex Records, Lionhawk Records, The McCall Center, Palomino Group, RCA Records, Red Light Mgmt, Silvertone Records, SOCO Gallery, Sony Red, Tiny Horse, Viacom, Vudu, Warner Music

Colectivo Futuro
Redefine Mag
Four Magazine

More Work

Eric Hurtgen, Ghostly Mix artwork artwork for Freiraum Vertikal Denken
collaboration with Michael Cina on Mary Lattimore album artwork poster design for The McColl Center, Charlotte, NC
La Chandeleur Not Just Coffee
Eric Hurtgen, personal work, New Geographic 2 Anenon: Camembert
new geographic
Method Studio Logo Congaree National Park
Brothers Restaurant new geographic
Eric Hurtgen, personal work
Cubby feat. Chuck Ellis: Lovers or Bruises
Eric Hurtgen, St. Valentine Rose Wine Eric Hurtgen, Bulk No. 2 Leviathan, collaborative work
Eric Hurtgen, personal work